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Basics of concrete cleaning

Annual cleaning of the garage is a ritual for concrete cleaning is a great way to give your garage and its driveway a fresh tidy look. As long as you know the technique, the job is a breeze.

Every time, you plan a cleaning project involving concrete, the first thing is do is to estimate the size of the job you have at hand.

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There are three basic levels of concrete cleaning:

1. For light general cleaning – Give the concrete a vigorous scrubbing using a metallic brush and a detergent soap to eliminate all the dirt on the surface. If grime and dirt are too tough, use a stronger soap and add ammonia.

2. For power washing – Use a power washer for a quicker job. Experts advised that a washing machine model with 3,000 psi of pressure and four gallons per minute flow rate is sufficient to accommodate all household needs.

3. For chemical concrete cleaning – You can buy concrete cleaning chemical at most local home improvement stores. Just look at the label if it is for general cleaning and not for stripping the concrete. For an even and nice appearance, get enough to cover the whole area for a nice, even look.

For cleaning previously sealed concrete surfaces, use a light cleaning following one of the procedures stated above but you have to touch-up or reapply on highly trafficked areas. For those areas with ground-in grimes, tire tracks, oil or grease, you have to remove these stains before sealing. To do a good job, you have to infiltrate the surface.

You can either apply degreasers or acid etching. There are several brands of concrete degreasers avail at the contractor supply houses. Get one that is used for cleaning and stripping concrete. Degreasers are able to soften and lift hard-to-remove, oil-based substances. For deeper and tough stains in your concrete, you need to hire a professional to do the cleaning with diluted muriatic acid. This will get rid of the toughest stains, but may alter the texture of your concrete surface.

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To eliminate tough rust stains, muriatic acid is most effective in cleaning excessive smears of dried grout and mortar or when trying to alleviate those tough rust stains. You have to be extremely cautious in using powerful acid; don’t use muriatic acid unless you really need to.

For cleaning concrete colored driveways, look at the label and check the manufacturer’s recommendations to be sure what will work best without causing any damage.

To clean concrete outdoors, using a pressure washer combined with a biodegradable detergent. A bucket, detergent and scrub brush are your essential indoor supplies.

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Try scrubbing with TSP for indoor jobs prior to rolling on a masonry primer and topcoat. This coating will hide the old stains and seal the concrete to prevent further staining.

As dirt builds up slowly and gradually on concrete surfaces, it is important to schedule periodic cleaning to keep home exterior looking as good as new. Knowing the techniques, concrete cleaning is no big deal as you are not dealing with anything fragile but with a very hard material. But you can always contact a professional cleaner for a well done job!

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